Winters of Canada and Things to do in Canadian Winters for Students


known as the Great White North, Canada is one of the most beautiful and
gorgeous countries to visit, although the winters can be quite harsh for
certain people. The majority of people may wish to stay at home and hibernate,
but some people do not want to get bored and fall prey to cabin fever during
the long Canadian winters.

If you
are fond of skiing, Canada has excellent locations for enjoying the same, and
also it has an incredibly diverse and rare flora and fauna to witness. It
offers a unique opportunity for winter enthusiasts to have a lot of fun while
experiencing a variety of adventure activities. Here are some of the events
which you must enjoy during Canadian winters. 

a visit to Niagara Falls

the massive waterfalls are an absolute sight to behold during the summers, the
frozen falls are equally breathtaking during the winters. The untouched beauty
of the falls during the winters is challenging to convey in words. You can see
the cold mist rise from the falls during the cold season, thereby giving it a
mystical aura. Also, an ice wine festival is conducted every year in Niagara
town, which you must attend if you are fond of the sweet dessert-style ice wine.

in ice fishing 

As the
winter approaches, the excitement for fishing also intensifies all across the
country, making ice fishing a thrilling experience for both the locals and
tourists. You can fish for trout, pike, walleye, and black crappie depending on
the location. During winter months, lakes of Ontario, British Columbia,
Manitoba, and Quebec are excellent for ice fishing.

dog sledding 

sledding is a fabled winter adventure sport in Canada. It is trendy amongst the
Canadians, and one can go mushing in all thirteen Canadian provinces and
territories. But one should be mindful that the sledding period depends on the
climatic conditions across the country.

in Charlottetown 

spite of being one of the smallest provinces of the country, this city located
in Prince Edward Island is one of the ideal places to visit in Canada during
the winter seasons. From comfy places to stay in, to experiencing fun
activities in Canada, this place lets you make the most of the winter months.
One must make sure of visiting the Brookvale Winter Activity Park, a must-visit
destination for families.


activity is a relatively new adventure activity that is acquiring
ever-increasing popularity amongst the adrenalin seekers. It provides an
enjoyable and challenging activity that requires excellent physical fitness to
participate in it. If you are brave enough to scale the tall frozen waterfalls
and slopes of ice, then you must head to the Canadian Rockies, the Ghost River
Valley, and the Stanley Headwalls.

a trip to Toronto 

If you
enjoy the winter months a lot, then Toronto should be at the top of your bucket
list. The long cold days and nights can be enjoyed by experiencing activities
such as hiking on the trails of Don Valley or witnessing and admiring the
icebreaker installations at the waterfront. Toronto is also a host to a food
festival called Winterlicious, where you can treat yourself to gourmet delights
and other delicious food offerings.

at Grouse Mountain

Of all
the locations to visit in Canada during winters, Grouse Mountain in British
Columbia is a must-visit. Winter season in Canada not only provides you an
escape from the crowd but also lets you have a great time with your loved ones
in the snow. You can watch your favorite movies at the Peaks Chalet Theater
after you are done with your favorite winter activities.

snowboarding and skiing

has some of the best locations for snowboarding and skiing in the world. On top
of the beautiful snow-clad mountains, visitors can also check out various ski
resorts that provide excellent accommodation and facilities, which adds to the
outdoor fun.

the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a natural exhibition of
natural lights in the night sky. This phenomenon can be seen in the Northern
Hemisphere, and the native people Cree refer to it as the “Dance of the

best part of this breathtaking activity is that it will cost you absolutely
nothing to witness it. Go to Yellowknife, Goose Bay, or Hudson Bay In Manitoba
to get the best view of the Northern Lights.

a hockey game

is almost synonymous with Canada, and it is quintessential to go and watch a
game of hockey during the winters. Even if you are not particularly interested
in hockey, go and see it for the experience and the atmosphere. Also, don’t
forget to enjoy the monster servings of poutine for dinner while watching the


If you
cannot take the physical rigor of skiing or snowboarding, then snowmobiling is
the perfect adventure sport for you. Over recent years snowboarding has become
one of the most popular winter activities in Canada. Though it is physically
less demanding in comparison to snowboarding and skiing, you can enjoy the
thrill and adventure of riding a snowmobile in the vast frozen terrain. Canada
has some snowboarding trails which allow people to have an experience of a


is a prevalent winter activity amongst the people of Canada. The snowshoeing
technique is effortless to learn, and it is also an affordable activity to
participate in. Organize and schedule a hike in the winter forest and snowshoe
across the frozen lakes and ascend mountain slopes. As an added benefit, it is
a great workout also. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose snowshoeing
as their favored winter activity, as it helps in burning a lot of calories. The
most notable snowshoeing locations are the Canadian Rockies, parks of Northern
Ontario, and Callaghan County in Whistler.

an Igloo or a Quinzhee

and create a quinzhee from snow or build an igloo from blocks of ice with your
friends and family, which can be a fun and enjoyable bonding experience. Though
it would take quite some time to build a brand new quinzhee or igloo, after it
is finally completed, it is truly a remarkable experience to stay inside it.
Also, they make ideal venues for having snowball fights and keeping oneself
protected from cold.

ice skating at Winnipeg

ice skating indoors and outdoors during your visit to Winnipeg. While in
Winnipeg, make sure to visit famous attractions like Fortwhyte Alive and the
Forks! You can also go and enjoy the open-air Scandinavian Spa in the forests
of Fort Gary, which is only a 10-minute drive away from the city.

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