What Makes Canada Top Study Destination?


When it comes to the top study abroad destination, the choices are aplenty, such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, but Canada eventually pops up as the best study destination and remains best among those mentioned. By providing a high quality of life, famous universities, a relaxed study environment, it’s no surprise that Canada emerges as the top 10 study abroad destination. It is known to be an alluring option by international students as the government has made it easier for them to remain in-country, during education, and after completing their studies. In this blog, you will read the top 9 reasons why study in Canada.

  • Academic Excellence

The most crucial reason students choose to
study in Canada is the quality of education the universities impart. Canada is
a safe and peace-loving country. Most of its university campus has security 24
hours a day. Consequently, most of Canada’s universities rank in the QS World
University Ranking and also in the World University Ranking 2019.

  • Education in Canada

Canada is ranked 3rd in the most favored
nation overall, and also studying in Canada is of international standard.
Reliably separating classroom limits, you will flourish here with genuine
chances and experiential learning. The teaching faculty in each college and
university are awarded by the government and are experts in their field.
Universities offering several programs help you attain new opportunities in
your areas of interest. 

  • Most popular Study abroad destination

In Canada, you’ll find incredibly warm and
kind people who come from different ethnic groups with various cultures and
lifestyles. The multicultural condition in Canada advances friendliness and
tranquil living like no other nation. Most locales in Canada have four
different seasons. Yet, when we contrast with different places in the world,
the temperature here in Canada shifts from -40 C in winter to 40 C in summer.

  • Cheapest country for international students

Studying in Canada is more affordable. It is
known for its practical study approaches due to its low tuition costs when
compared to different nations. Canadian Institutes, charge lower education
costs for worldwide students than their partners in contending countries and
simultaneously, keep up fantastic education quality.

  • Top universities and its top programs

Canada is known to be the most popular study abroad destination for advanced subjects and different branches of engineering with a stable and robust economy. Some of its top universities, which are ranked amid the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020, are the University of Toronto at the 18th position, the University of British Colombia at 34th position, and McGill University at 42nd position in the list. Also, an individual can apply for several scholarships offered by these universities. Based on research, health and medicine, engineering, and business management are the top programs which are delivered by Canadian universities. 

  • Earn while you learn

While staying in Canada, you can work and
study simultaneously, as universities in the nation offer you an opportunity to
work for up to 20 hours every week during your semesters and full-time programs
in summer and winter breaks. To work as an intern, you would not require any
additional work permit as your study permit is sufficient to assist you with
getting part-time work.

  • Value of the course

Studying in Canada is affordable because of
low tuition, and it helps you to engage with outstanding opportunities in the
desired field. Let us take here the example of a software engineer. Over the
past years, the number of employees in this field has increased by 22%. Nursing
is another field recognized by students these days; the number of students
aspiring to work in this field has grown to 33%. Even though the tuition of
your program is less but the value of your courses is exceptional in Canada.

  • High standard of living

Canada is a nation with the best quality of
life. All major urban zones have an assortment of malls, cafeterias, theaters,
and art galleries. Canadian urban communities have many open to the general
parks, gardens, seashore, and sports and recreation offices. Canada has been
reliably positioned as probably the most secure country on the planet.

  • Ease of immigration and citizenship

Students can apply for their Permanent
Residency, which takes up to 15 to 18 months from within Canada. Anyway, they
have to meet the base qualification criteria of 67 points. Canada’s
Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) enables understudies to remain and
work in Canada for as long as 3 years after the consummation of their
graduation. You can get international work experience and apply for PR later.

Hope that you are feeling inspired amply to study in Canada through this blog, and you acknowledged what makes Canada top study destinations in the world.

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