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Having the qualification of an American university mentioned on a resume spotlights a candidate in the job market. Therefore many students around the world aspire to pursue their post-graduation from a prestigious US university. Canam Consultants guides and prepares the students for pursuing the master’s course of their choice in US universities.

a post-graduation from the USA boosts the careers of the students. The academic
institutes of the USA value originality and promote independent thoughts. 

has a lot to offer to the post-graduates from their universities. The USA
academic institutions are known for their comprehensive approach to graduate
studies. It equips the student with the necessary skill sets, self-confidence,
practical training, and grooms them by educating as per the job-driven

bring you the top reasons why the USA is best for post-graduation studies

  • Top
    ranking universities 

The USA universities or colleges rule the global rankings. More than 25 out of the top 50 universities ranked in the Times Higher Education are in the USA alone.

  • Global

The USA is home to more than
1,000,000 international students. Students from all around the world keep
pouring in, making it a global village. It gives a great opportunity for
students to learn about multi-cultures. It also teaches them the adjustment in
a multi-cultural environment, simultaneously preparing them for the
international market. 

  • Financial

Post-graduation in the USA
may cost a bit high. But this does not become a matter to shatter your great
American education dream. The education system of the USA offers financial
assistance to brilliant students who do not have enough funds to support their

  • The research
    focused programs

The higher education
programs in the USA are purely research-based. The students need to submit
either a research paper or a minor thesis at the end of the course. The
curriculum is designed in such a way that it helps students to acquire
important skills along with an academic degree. Writing a thesis during the
final term of the course encourages students to build independent thinking and
confidence in themselves.

of post-graduation degree in the USA

duration of the post-graduate degree in the USA varies from course to course.
The duration of the post-graduation degree offered by American universities
varies between 1- 2 years. 

degree programs 

American Universities offer 3 different types of master programs:-

Academic master’s program 

and traditional master’s are similar. These programs emphasize on one broad
subject area. During the end of the course, students are asked to submit a
research task and a thesis.

undergraduate students study a diverse range of subjects, and pursuing academic
master’s is like majoring in the subjects from undergraduate. Academic master’s
degree in the US is similar to the UK’s independent research project,
supervised by a scholar.

Professional master’s program

curriculum of the professional master’s program is strict and includes core
training. This type of master’s degree provides vocational skills and technical
training to the students that are required for a specific professional

graduate schools only offer professional master’s programs. For example, MA in
Journalism is offered by specialist journalism schools only, whereas special
business schools offer MBA programs.  

schools have tie-ups with top industries in the field. The advantage students
have of pursuing the specialist professional master’s degrees is to undertake
mandatory internships with these tie-up industries. It gives an extra edge to
the students as they get to experience the real-job environment and a chance to
work in it.

are the application requirements for post-graduation in the USA? 

student has to complete an online application form with necessary information
such as:-

  • Basic contact
    details, schools marks certificates, certificates of experience in the field.
  • Next, students have
    to undertake specific standardized tests. For MBA in the USA, students need to
    submit their GMAT score. To pursue a Masters in English Literature or
    Engineering, students need to furnish their GRE scores. 
  • Along with these,
    students have to prove their language proficiency by taking IELTS and TOEFL.
    Canam Consultants recommend Masterprep, who are the leaders in preparing the
    aspirants for the language proficiency exam such as IELTS and TOEFL. 
  • Students have to
    write a statement of purpose, describing why they want to pursue this
    particular course and how the university can enhance their learning. They have
    to outline their research interests further also.
  • They have to attach the
    official transcripts and academic results.
  • 3 recommendation
    letters are essential.
  • Curriculum Vitae

process to pursue Post-graduation degree in the US

seeking admission in US universities need to apply to Student and Exchange
Visitor Program (SEVP) approved universities. Once their applications are being
accepted, they will be given an acceptance letter from the university to which
they have applied.

required for a US student visa are as follows: 

  • Passport valid for
    at least 6 months beyond the period of stay in the USA
  • Acceptance letter of
    the university
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Photographs
  • Academic transcripts
    or certificates
  • Proof of sufficient
    funds to cover the tuition fees and cost of living expenses
  • (If) scholarships,
    then a letter of award
  • Students need to
    give evidence that they would return to their home country. It can be in the
    form of an air ticket

If you are planning to study in USA, then visit Canam Consultants today. The student visa experts at Canam Consultants will assist throughout the visa procedure.

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