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After graduation, many students yearn to study in Canada as it equips them with a proper set of skills required to steer their careers on the right track. A post-graduation degree or diploma in a stream of their choice sets their career in motion. A student with a strong educational background that includes a PG degree from Canada with practical experience helps students bag their dream job in no time. The biggest advantage of gaining a post-graduation degree from Canada is that students are given an upper edge compared to other candidates in India. Also, they get easily absorbed in multinational companies.

is home to many top universities in the world, thus making it one of the
world’s most popular study destinations for international post-graduation. For
easing the admission process to the best Canadian Universities, Canam
Consultants thoroughly guides students to attain their ambition of getting in a
post-graduation program at a university of their choice. And the number of
aspirants seeking world-class education is on the rise at large. 

in Canada

is home to more than 172,000 Indian students and more than 100 world-class
universities. Its popularity with international students is on a rapid
increase. Read further to know great reasons to pursue a post-graduation course
in Canada. 

  • International
    : Students from 190 nations
    are studying in Canada. If you are pursuing your post-graduation with them, you
    learn a lot about their culture, their languages, and their customs. Students
    exposed to such environments are more flexible and can easily adjust to new
    socio-culture environments. These students then make perfect candidates that
    employers search for and hire to work in their companies.
  • Learning a
    new language:
     English and
    French are the official languages of Canada. When students are pursuing their
    post-graduation in Canada, they get an opportunity to learn a new language or
    to improve their existing ones. As a student, if you know English well, you
    will get many opportunities to learn French. It will be another feather added
    to your cap.
  • High quality
    of life:
    The quality of life in
    Canada is high. It is because the country offers a safe, stable, and gratifying
    environment of living for international students.

are the best post-graduation courses in Canada? 


programs in Canada are within a budget when compared to those in the US.
Therefore Canada has become the new hot spot for Management Studies after the
US. Many international students now prefer to pursue MBA in Canada. 


in Hospitality Management are among the most sought after and a hot choice of
the candidates wanting to progress in the hospitality industry. Upon analyses,
the hospitality and the tourism sector is an emerging field in Canada. Students
learn about the principles, norms, and values needed to develop business
strategies in the hospitality sector. It prepares students for sectors related
to quality food, tourism, accommodations, etc. Overall, the students learn
ethics and the core of hospitality management.


engineering in Canada, students get access to the latest technology and
innovative laboratories for research purposes. The best part about engineering
is that the scope of it is not declining anytime soon. 

is a stream that runs the world today. Top universities and colleges in Canada
offer engineering courses. Pursuing a post-graduation course in engineering
from Canada will prepare students for a better future. 


Many top Canadian Universities and colleges offer programs at post-graduation level in software and hardware realms with theory and practical. The degree courses involve design, multimedia, programming, etc. Information Technology is a field that covers administration, supports the computer-based systems, telecommunications, and design. Canada gives opportunities to aspiring IT students to evolve and innovate as per the latest technology and simultaneously learn from the leaders in the respective field.

of post-graduation courses in Canada

common post-graduation courses in Canada are Master of Arts (MA), Master of
Science (MSc). It is also professional specific such as Masters of Engineering
(MEng), Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or Masters of Fine Arts (MFA).
Post-graduation programs in Canada have duration between 1-2 years.

to apply for post-graduation in Canada


Students applying to a master’s degree in Canada are expected to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or 4.0 in their undergraduate degree. Or, a student must have scored a minimum of 50 percent in their under-graduation degree. Also, there should not be more than 2 backlogs in a year. Depending on the area of specialization, the student must clear the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) tests.

proficiency tests

English is not your first language, then students need to give evidence of their
language proficiency by taking English language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.
If students are applying to a course that is bilingual or completely in French,
then they need to prove their language proficiency in French as well.

Process for Canadian universities 

application process is simple but tricky at the same time. Hiring a consultant
is a better option to avoid any mistake. A statement of purpose is written as a
part of the application which carries the most scores.

  • An online application
    form is filled and submitted online only.
  • You have to attach a
    certified copy of all your qualifications and transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • IELTS/TOEFL score
  • Recommendation or
    references letters
  • Statement of
    purpose/ personal statement.

If you have
completed your graduation outside Canada, then you need to get your degree
evaluated to determine and to verify the academic documentation. Once your
application is successful, then you will receive your letter of acceptance. You
will need this letter for your Canadian Study Visa.

student visas in Canada

To pursue post-graduation in Canada, students will need a Canadian Student Visa, which will allow them to live and study in Canada.

applying for a student visa in Canada, students’ need the following

  • Acceptance letter
    from a Canadian university or college with a valid DLI number.
  • Students need to
    provide proof of adequate finances to support their education and living in
    Canada. For this, students need to give a copy of bank account details,
    evidence of the loan details.
  • Letter of
    explanation where students will tell details such as what is their purpose of
    applying for the student study visa. 

If you are planning to study in Canada, then visit us at the earliest. The student visa experts at Canam Consultants will assist throughout the visa procedure. 

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