Accommodation Options for International Students in Canada


Studying abroad comes with a lot of hurdles for students to cross over. Initially it does feel like a lot of work, but once, they are crossed, and the whole new world is waiting for you and welcoming you with open arms. If you are planning to study in Canada, the then first step is to decide which university and which course you want to pursue. Once you have crossed your first hurdle, the second hurdle is accommodation.

There are a lot of questions that goes in the mind of a
student, like ‘Should I live on campus or off campus?’  International students have to be extra
careful especially when it comes to money and safety. Let us take a closer look
at some of the accommodations for international student:


Dorms/ hostels:

Dorms or hostels are one of the easiest and the simplest
option for international students. Top universities and colleges in Canada
offer dorms accommodation to the students. Dorms are large buildings where
students from all around common spaces like Television, laundry,
bathrooms, kitchen, and so on. It is one of the best accommodations for
first-year students, as it helps them to make friends so that they don’t miss
out on much. By living in dorms, students don’t miss out much on campus and


The townhouse is an accommodation provided and managed by
the universities and colleges. It is a house for three to six students who will
get their rooms. They, too, are sharing the kitchen and living rooms. This kind
of accommodation is not for first-year students. It is only available for
senior students who want peaceful environment to study.



Living in a rented apartment gives a sense of independence
and a great of comfort to international students. The prices, quality and
availability, may vary. The rent of accommodation ranges from CAD 500 to CAD
1600, especially in metropolitan cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal,
Ottawa, etc. signing a lease or talking to the landlords can be a bit tricky
for the international students. Students should make sure to start looking for
an apartment with plenty of time in hand so that they can find the best


Homestay is an exciting choice for International students.
It is a type of accommodation where they stay with a host family in Canada.
With homestay, international students can experience a culturally immersive
experience. If the student is in luck, with time, the host family can be your
second family in Canada who would want them to visit and be in touch. Many
Canadian families open heartedly welcome international students to their homes.

Tip: International students should research thoroughly for
their accommodations that are safe and comfortable. Make sure to read all the
reviews about the place you are planning to stay in. Also, there are many
options like furnished apartments like a studio or 1 BHK or 2BHK apartments,
depending on the requirement. They are quite reasonable if taken in sharing.
With this setting, an international student can enjoy independence and be safe.

If you are planning to study in Canada, then after choosing
the university or college, accommodation is the first thing to look for. Do not
worry! Visit your nearest branch of Canam consultant and our experts will guide
through the entire journey!

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