How to prepare Statement of Purpose for University Admission


Studying abroad is not easy! It takes focus, dedication, and determination to pursue a degree in top university and college abroad. That is why admission committees put special emphasis on the statement of purpose. They scrutinize your SOPs. They want to determine if you have dedication and determination to succeed in a degree program. 

Therefore, when you are writing your SOP for university or college admission, you should focus on your specific goals and plans. Also, write how the college program and its faculty will help you achieve those goals. Follow these tips to write a strong statement of purpose:

1. Determine what university or college is asking:

Different colleges and universities have different requirements. Nevertheless, all the top universities and colleges are looking for answers to the same set of questions that are:

a. What do you want to study at their college or university?

b. Why do you choose this specific subject?

c. How much and what experience do you have in your

d. What are you planning to do after you complete a degree?

Admission committees look for students who have clear and adequately outlined interest in the area or subject they wish to study. Keeping it in mind, you should sufficiently explain your love and care for the subject. It would help if you reveal why you genuinely care for this subject. Also, tell them why you have chosen this subject and also tell them that you have a background in this subject. Also, make sure you subtly tell that you have everything that make you a committed student and will remain dedicated for a long haul.

2. be careful about details:

As a student, you should be cautious about the activities you are adding in your SOP. The admission committee does not care if you are a great cook or can play an instrument. Instead, it is interested in the activities that would speak about your suitability for the program. You can also talk about your experience in school or work or in your free time that talks subtly about those abilities need for the program.

3. Your statement of purpose should be unique:

Make sure your SOP is exceptional. Though it should be focused, but it does not mean it should be boring. To make your essay stand out, add unique, yet relevant details. You can talk about an idea in your field that made you attracted towards the subject. Also, you can add which part of your subject excites you and keeps you motivated. These are very effective and are easy-opener.

4. Feedback:

It is, indeed, a vital subject. Make sure you show your SOP to someone you respect and trust like your professors who are writing your recommendations. Try to get some feedback and work according to them. Have them proofread your essay for spelling and grammar.

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