Studying In Singapore: What’s It Really Like?


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Have you ever wondered what studying in Singapore is like?

Our Southeast Asian neighbor might only be home to a population of 5.6 million but it stands out in the international community due to its academic excellence. If you’re considering reasons why you should study in Singapore, you should definitely read on.

Let’s go through a day in the lives of five different students at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)!

Starting the day

The day begins early for some students at SUTD.

Venessa wakes up at 7AM – just 30 minutes shy of her first class. Because she lives on campus, Venessa has the luxury of squeezing in breakfast and a quick exercise routine before leaving for class. She also gets to her early morning User Interface class with time to spare. For Venessa, the subject is absolutely worth waking up for because of its practical applications. As an Information Systems Technology and Design senior, the design thinking skills she hones will be beneficial after graduation.

“We’re always analysing current situations in the world and developing ways to use technology and design to solve real-life challenges,” says Venessa.

In another part of campus, Xin Yi leads her group in presenting their project: an automated laundry alert system. Enrolled under the university’s dual-degree program, Xin Yi studies Engineering at SUTD while taking up Business at Singapore Management University (SMU). 

“What I learn from both courses may seem vastly different, but the skills can overlap and equip me with the ability to better innovate and create,” says Xin Yi.

Taking a breather during mid-day

After the rush of morning activities, students often try to have a bit of fun in the classroom. Sean, the president of SUTD’s Football Club, often spends this time with his classmates. They work hard and play hard together – certainly with the camaraderie common in residents of Southeast Asian countries. The group can go from organizing think tank sessions to switching the room lights off and watching movies together.

Meanwhile, Sharmaine makes her way to the school canteen with friends after her last morning class of the day. Students can choose from a variety of dishes at the canteen. Local dishes like chicken rice and nasi padang are served regularly but Japanese, Korean, and Western cuisine are also available.

Unwinding before the day ends

Students have different ways of unwinding after class is done for the day at SUTD!

Xin Yi often finds herself hanging out at Root Cove, the university’s recently-opened student lounge. She claims one of the bean bags for herself and begins working on her homework. Around her students can let loose by playing games on the PlayStation 4, competing in a few rounds of foosball, or jamming with a guitar.

Similarly, Venessa also finds her own spot at the university gym. As a part-time model, she conscientiously devotes her downtime to staying in shape. The gym is less crowded in the afternoon so she prefers to do her weight-lifting routine by then.

When he isn’t attending to his duties as president of the Football Club, Sean meets up with his band at Crooked Crooks. They compete in a few rounds of darts wrapping the day up with a practice session. Sometimes they even work on the lyrics Sean had written on his morning commute to school.

As the day nears its end sophomore Engineering Product Design student, Emil, drops by Dance Studio 8. Boxing is his main medium of taking a break. Tension that has built up from a long day at university is slowly released with every jab and punch. 

In the same dance studio, Sharmaine turns up the music and freestyles to the latest hiphop beats. She juggles her responsibilities as president of the Dance Derivativez, SUTD’s Dance Club with the requirements of her last year as an Engineering Product Design student. In her tenure, Sharmaine has played a key role in organizing inter-university events that hosted dance battles and workshops.

The secret to enjoying university life

It’s true that the quality of education in Singapore is not free of additional demands on students. However, universities like SUTD are also quite proactive when it comes to providing their students with opportunities to improve their talents and nurture their interests.

“Balancing academic requirements with hall activities is not easy but I love all that I do, and that makes it more fun than stressful. By keeping an open mind and having an adventurous spirit, I believe you can decide how enjoyable you want your university life to be,” Venessa closes.

Are you ready to keep up with student life in Singapore?

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