Zealand is one of the most favorite study abroad destinations for international
students as it offers an excellent quality of education. Its educational
programs and degrees are based on the world’s most recognized and accredited
UK- based education system. New Zealand has an advanced education system with
state of the art facilities. It provides a safe learning environment and great
study opportunities. It also provides support services for international

The Economist Intelligence Unit has revealed that the education in New Zealand is the best in the world as it prepares students for the future. Amongst 35 economies New Zealand has topped in the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index 2017. Besides education, New Zealand is famous for its friendliness, hospitality, and warmth to overseas visitors from other cultures. New Zealand offers the benefits of a developed country and charm of tranquility of the countryside. There are also a few standout things to help a student prepare for his new home.

Let us get to know a few important things when planning to study in New Zealand.

1.    University
and Course:

are total only 8 universities in New Zealand and 18 institutes of technology
and polytechnics providing excellent quality of courses to international
students. All the universities in New Zealand are listed in the QS World
University Rankings 2019. Students can choose the institute as per their
preferences relating to the location, fee structure, availability of desired
course, international student ratio and student facilities.

2.    Requirements
for studying in New Zealand

planning to study in New Zealand, students need to meet the basic requirements
for admission and student visa.

Documents Required for Admission:


Score Card

Experience (If applicable)

Statement of Purpose

Documents Required for Visa:


Offer letter from the College or University

of sufficient funds

need to appear for the Interview conducted by the New Zealand High Commission)

New Zealand economy:

New Zealand economy is ranked number one for social progression in the world.
It covers basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and number of
opportunities available to the people living in the country. New Zealand is a
service and an innovation-oriented economy. 
International education, Hospitality, Winemaking, Technology, Tourism,
and Film Production are some of the major factors contributing to the New
Zealand economy and society.

4.    Employability

Zealand has a very talented and globally focused service sector. Its technology
and innovation-driven industries employ a large number of STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workers because these industries
require a high level of research and development to power their economy. New
Zealand’s enabling industries also employ a large number of people in
transportation, communications, financial institutions, tourism, agricultural
and construction sectors. These industries provide basic economic
infrastructure to the country.

5.    Global
career opportunities:

Zealand government in 2018 introduced a three-year open post-study work visa
for all international students studying Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degrees.
Also, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during semester
studies and 40 hours during vacations in colleges and universities.
Universities offer ‘work-ready’ programs and internships to help students
connect well with New Zealand based firms and multinational companies.

6.    Scholarships:

news for Indian students who want to study in New Zealand! Prestigious
scholarship initiative awards scheme co-sponsored by the New Zealand Government
is exclusively for Indian students who are interested in studying in New

More than 34 scholarships worth approximately INR 1 crore (NZ$215,000) are available for Indian students interested in New Zealand universities. There are 25 Masters and 9 Bachelors awards and scholarships providing to contribute towards course fees

7.    Travel
and medical insurance:

students studying in New Zealand are not entitled to free medical benefits.
They need to pay the total cost of their treatment. For this reason, they have
to make sure their medical and travel insurances are in proper order.

To know more about the documents required or steps to follow to study in New Zealand, visit your nearest Canam Unisearch branch and a team of experts will guide you through the admission and study visa process.

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