Best Cities to Study in Switzerland


Europe’s one of the most preferred study destinations, Switzerland is known for having the most acclaimed higher education system.  The country provides a formidable study experience for all international students as the education system is exclusive in ways of teaching and courses and is also reliable.  With its astonishing natural beauty, Switzerland is a fantastic place to live. The blend of European culture makes it more ethnic and gives the students a chance to relish a new and different culture.

There are some of the best student cities that are mostly
preferred by international students and are recognized globally for offering an
immense number of opportunities and lifestyle to the international students.

 Here’s the list of
such great cities of Switzerland:

1.    Zurich

A city in northern Switzerland, Zurich is globally
recognized for banking and finance. Vivid streets of central Altstadt (Old
Town), on both sides of the Limmat River, are a reflection of its pre-medieval
history. According to the QS world rankings, Zurich has been ranked 15th best
student city in the world. It is the city filled with numerous opportunities
that an international student can avail. It too is home to the top-ranked
universities of Switzerland one being the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology) and the other being the University of Zurich (UZH). The city
follows a rich and ethnic lifestyle. A student can enjoy the amalgamation of
its rich culture along with the quality higher education.

2.    Lausanne

Like any other Swiss cities, Lausanne too is a lively and beautiful city and accounts as the second best student city in Switzerland.  In addition to its culturally rich lifestyle, it also offers a top-class high education to students.  It consists of Switzerland’s 2nd best university, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the other being the University of Lausanne, ranked 124th by the QS world rankings in the year 2018. All these factors lead Lausanne to be in the list of best cities to study in Switzerland.

3.    Geneva

Bordered by the Alps and Jura mountains, Geneva lies at the
southern tip of expansive Lake Geneva. 
It is a global hub of banking and diplomacy. This is the city with a
maximum number of international students. It is home to a world-class
university that has been ranked 98th in the world: the University of
Geneva.  With offering the best quality
education, Geneva is also an expensive city to live in.

4.    Bern

The capital of Switzerland built around a crook in the Aare River; Bern is one of the most populous cities. It has also been given a place in the list of World’s Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The city is covered by perplexing hills and mountains that make it look more beautiful.  The University of Bern is situated here that offers world-class education facilities to international students leading it to be in the list of best cities to study in Switzerland.

5.    Basel

Located at the banks of Rhine River in northwest
Switzerland, Basel is the city close to the borders of France and Germany. The
mix of cultures makes the city more diverse and amiable for foreign students.
The city is best suited for the students who want to pursue their higher
education in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry or arts. It is home to the
world’s two biggest pharmaceutical industries due to the achievements of its
universities in the field of pharmacy. It consists of a reputable university;
the University of Basel that is also ranked the 149th best university in the world.

Choosing a city to study involves a lot of factors including the environment, its living cost, location of the university or college and transport facilities and also is a bit confusing for students. So, to seek guidance for the same, Canam Consultants is just a doorstep away.

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