Why Get an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management in SCCM?


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Did you know that the hospitality industry is one of the world’s biggest creators of economic growth? It’s no surprise that it also ranks as one of the world’s biggest employers! 

The hospitality industry is booming. With even more positive changes in the horizon, the future is bright for the hospitality industry’s current members as well as those who want to be part of it. 

Hospitality Management at Sydney City College of Management

Hospitality Management is a great course for anyone who wants to begin a career in the world of tourism. It can help you hone the necessary technical skills for providing top quality service. At the same time, it also develops interpersonal skills which play a crucial role in building the ideal customer experience.

Sydney City College of Management offers Advanced Diploma Hospitality Management program which runs for 104 weeks. Students are expected to study for 20 hours per week to pass all 33-course units. The program will be imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge to their students, with a focus on topics such as finance, information systems, international business, people management, and tourism.

Gaining the right qualifications

The course aims to create competent managers. Students will be able to learn a broad range of hospitality skills. They will also gain a deep knowledge of the industry, enabling them to make strategic decisions by the end of the 33-unit course.

“I will develop research skills, decision-making skills, teamwork skills and know how the hospitality industry is moving in the international context. I will be able to gain management skills relevant to the hospitality and tourism environment. It looks relevant to the career path I have planned for the tourism and hospitality management industry. It opens career opportunities for various positions in the small and medium level hospitality businesses.” – a current student of Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at SCCM

Create more career opportunities for your future!

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