5 Reasons For Filipinos To Study In Hong Kong


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If you ever dreamed of studying abroad and are still undecided where to go, you should definitely study in Hong Kong. Aside from the city’s short distance from the Philippines (in case homesickness strikes in), Hong Kong offers cool study and work opportunities. Hong Kong also has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world, which is a huge plus for your daily commute! 

Who wouldn’t want to study and travel all at once? Here are five reasons why you should live and study in Hong Kong!

1. Hong Kong is one of the best student cities in Asia

Hong Kong is home to prestigious universities like the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. These top universities offer a wide range of courses from arts, business administration, education, engineering, law, to medicine.

What’s more, university tuition in Hong Kong is not as expensive as you think, yet the quality of education is top-notch. Endless and exciting opportunities await you after graduation!

2. Hong Kong has an efficient public transportation system

You can travel from city to city in just a blink of an eye. Every area in Hong Kong is well connected to each other by a Mass Transit Railway (MTR), taxis, buses, and minibuses.

And you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic and overcrowded buses! You can worry less if you ever find yourself running late for class.

3. Hong Kong has a diverse culture

As one of the business capitals in the world, Hong Kong accommodates people from all around the world. From food to fashion, you get to experience various lifestyles and cultures from this vibrant city!  

4. Hong Kong has amazing tourist destinations

Bask in the city’s beautiful buildings and bridges. Stroll along beautiful parks and natural reserves.

Hong Kong  is well known for its country parks and nature reserves. A little further from the city, you’ll get to see ancient temples, wildlife safaris, beaches, and hiking trails for your daily musings.

Bonus: Hong Kong has a Disneyland!

Let’s be real; most of us have always dreamed of going to Disneyland. Hong Kong will make your childhood dream come true. Complete your Hong Kong experience by going to Disneyland and meeting your favorite cartoon character in person!

5. Hong Kong is set to be the next Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the technology capital in the US where you can find startup and global tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google.

Today, Hong Kong is making a name for itself in technology and innovation. Studying in Hong Kong is definitely the place to be for amazing opportunities that can help you build your career!

As one of the best destinations in Asia, you can’t go wrong with studying in Hong Kong!

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