City University of Hong Kong: Hub Of Data Science


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In an increasingly digitized world, data science has become a sought after profession. With more and more technology companies emerging, data scientists all over the world are in high demand. Fortunately, City University of Hong Kong prepared early. 

City University of Hong Kong recently launched the School of Data Science and the Hong Kong Institute for Data Science, marking a new era of higher education in the city.

“The new School of Data Science aims to become a world-class hub for excellence in this exciting new academic discipline,” said Professor Way Kuo, CityU President. 

The goals of the program

The emergence of the School of Data Science is the result of the predicted demand for qualified data scientists. Salaries in the field are increasing as the recognition for the profession rises.

“We see that the demand for well-qualified data scientists is growing, and salaries are increasing, too, but there is definitely a gap in Hong Kong. Our new focus on data science fills that void, which is good for Hong Kong and presents excellent career prospects for our students,” Professor Li said.

The Hong Kong Institute of Data Science aims to be a focal point of excellence for research in the field. It also aims to be the foremost platform for leaders in the industry.

Data science for all

City University of Hong Kong plans to foster collaboration and training for students in data science-related industries.

Aspiring to be a data scientist in the near future? The City University of Hong Kong is looking for students like you! 

Learn more about the City University of Hong Kong!


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