Why Limerick is One of the Best Places to Experience Irish Culture


Founded by the Vikings around 922 A.D., Limerick City has over 1,000 years of history under its belt. Transformed from a Viking settlement into a medieval walled town and ultimately into the vibrant city it is today, Limerick’s culture is a collection of centuries-old traditions. In fact, its commitment to tradition made the city a candidate for the 2020 European Capital of Culture– only topped by Galway, a charming city located an hour and a half to the north. Because of its rich culture, students who study abroad in Ireland find Limerick a fascinating destination.

These are a few reasons why Limerick is a city of intriguing Irish culture:

Traditional Irish Music
and Dance

One of the best reasons to visit Ireland is to experience its lively culture of traditional music and dance. Whatever the weather, whatever the town, you’ll likely find a live “trad” session somewhere nearby in Ireland – and Limerick is no exception.

In Limerick, an array of musical styles flourish. The
historic city is home to the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, the Irish
Chamber Orchestra, and an array of other theaters and venues. You can even
catch a concert in King John’s Castle – a 13th century castle that
dates back to the Viking era!

Outdoor Markets

Sticking to local tradition, Limerick hosts an array of
festivals and outdoor
markets throughout the year. Its farmers and milk markets are run by local
farmers, giving shoppers a literal taste of the area’s farm-to-table food

Rugby Matches

Arguably Ireland’s most popular spectator sport behind
hurling, rugby is a huge part of Irish sporting culture. There are four
provincial rugby teams in the country and Limerick’s Munster Rugby team is one
of them. Their home field, Thomond Park, has a capacity of over 25,000 and is a
wildly popular place to experience rugby culture while in Ireland.

Celebration of Literature
and Creativity

Art and literature have always been a huge element of
culture in and around Limerick City. A handful of famous writers hailed from
Limerick, including Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt.

Poetry is especially admired in the local Limerick community,
and literary gatherings are held regularly. Locals take great pride in these
gatherings as they embody the city’s creative spirit – and Irish culture as a

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