Ideal Destinations to Study Engineering Abroad this Fall


Hesitant to
study abroad because you’re an engineering major? Cast those hesitations aside!
Here at AIFS Study Abroad, two of our study abroad destinations in
Europe are great for engineering majors. So, don’t hold off on your dreams of studying
abroad any longer – make your dreams come true this fall: take an engineering
course abroad and explore Europe for a semester.

Here are two study abroad destinations in Europe for engineering majors:

1. Study Abroad in Limerick, Ireland

Located in
the west of Ireland, Limerick is a charming city to study abroad in. For people
who want to study abroad in an English-speaking country, Ireland is especially
popular. Aside from that, its people, natural beauty, and rapidly evolving
foodie scene are a few more reasons why everyone needs to visit Ireland at
least once – and why study abroad students never want to leave.

for engineering majors, the University of Limerick is offering the course
Engineering 301: Wind, Ocean, and Hydro Energy this fall! During this course,
you’ll learn all about the national and European Union policies related to
renewable energy. For those interested in civil engineering and energy, you’ll
gain new global perspectives to carry with you into the field post-graduation.

Learn more about the courses offered in Limerick
when you study abroad with AIFS.

2. Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Granada, a
medieval city located in Spain’s Andalucía region, intrigues people from around
the world due to its top attraction, the Alhambra. Plus, it has a contagious
energy that’s characterized by a combination of ancient history, modern day
innovations, and welcoming people. While studying abroad in Granada, you’ll
fall in love with the culture there almost as much as you’ll fall in love with
its beauty!

Good news
for engineering majors: this fall, the University of Granada is offering a STEM
course that includes detailed modeling problems, scientific inquiry exercises,
and more. Although one section of this course is offered in English, there’s a
Spanish section available for students who want to expand their Spanish skills
while also studying STEM!Learn more about the courses offered in Granada
when you study abroad with AIFS.

So, why
study all of your engineering courses at home? Gain academic credit towards
your engineering degree while studying abroad this fall. Whether you choose to
study abroad in Limerick or Granada, we’re sure your semester will be one
you’ll never forget.

Engineering majors: embark
on the academic journey of your dreams! Learn more about studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland or Granada, Spain with AIFS.

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