Education Majors: Here’s Where You Can Study Education Abroad this Fall


Before teaching the world, let the
world teach you; study education abroad!

Traveling the world makes us awesome storytellers. Don’t
believe us? Just ask anyone who’s studied
abroad – we guarantee they’ll fill your ears with thousands of stories (we’re
guilty as charged)! This gift of storytelling is especially powerful for future
teachers. Thanks to studying abroad, the lessons you teach about foreign cities
or cultures will have much more value after you’ve experienced them yourself
and there are a bunch of unique study abroad programs available for all sorts
of education interests.

Here are a few of our favorite
places to study education abroad:

1. San José, Costa Rica

Pristine Costa
Rica is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a great spot to get ahead on
course credit for your degree in English or Education. At Veritas University, an
intriguing course called Teaching Tools for English Teachers will be offered
this fall. Important to note: this course is taught in Spanish – so if you’re interested
in both education and Spanish, you’ve got to check it out.

Learn more about the courses offered in San José when you study abroad with AIFS.

2. Limerick, Ireland

Ever dreamed of visiting
Ireland? Extend your stay in the Emerald Isle by studying abroad there for
a semester! The University of Limerick offers a couple of courses in physical education
and sports science for anyone interested in a P.E. career.

Learn more about the courses offered in Limerick when you study abroad with AIFS.

3. Maynooth, Ireland

If you want to study abroad in Ireland but aren’t super
interested in physical education, that’s okay! We have another awesome study
abroad program in Maynooth,
Ireland. Here, you can take a 6-credit course in teacher education. Only
about a half an hour from Dublin, Maynooth is in a great spot for exploring
some of the country’s most famous sights.

Learn more about the courses offered in Maynooth when you study abroad with AIFS.

4. Rome, Italy

If you’re seeking a truly exceptional study abroad experience, definitely look into the Internship in Education program in Rome! Through this program, you’ll explore the Eternal City while gaining international internship experience in local daycares, schools, recreational centers, or libraries.

Learn more about the courses offered in Rome when you study abroad with AIFS.

5. Salamanca, Spain

Do you see yourself teaching Spanish in a few years? If so,
consider getting started on your future career in historic Salamanca, Spain!
The University of Salamanca offers a course that walks students through the ins
and outs of teaching Spanish.

Learn more about the courses offered in Salamanca when you study abroad with AIFS.

6. Granada, Spain

The medieval Spanish
city of Granada has a little something to discover at every turn. This
fall, the University of Granada is offering an opportunity for study abroad
students to teach Spanish in bilingual schools. This 3-credit education course
is just one of the many wonderful reasons to study abroad in Spain and to
experience Granada’s charming culture for yourself.

Learn more about the courses offered in Granada when you study abroad with AIFS.

Want to get a head start on your future career in education? Gain academic credit while taking education classes abroad this fall! Learn more about studying abroad with AIFS.

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