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Australia has always been the top destination for Filipino students and foreign students all over the world. This is due to the fact that the country boasts a diverse and thriving student culture. This is also because of institutions in Australia, such as the Sydney City College of Management, which gives out scholarships to international students from all over the world!  

Sydney City College of Management

The Sydney City College of Management is a vocational education and training institute in Parramatta, NSW Australia. Their programs focus on gaining practical knowledge to embrace their respective talents and gain personal development that will make students lead the industrial market.  

Their high-quality industry-based training courses are more than enough to prepare students as future employees in business management, information technology, and human resource industries. SCCM believes that educating the heart is key to success and they do this by developing the right mindset.

“Educating the mind is useless without Educating the heart.”

Scholarship Programs

The Sydney City College of Management offers scholarship programs to various students around the globe. They also offer accommodation, emotional and psychological counseling to ease the stress of studying overseas. 

Interested in learning more about Sydney City College of Management and studying in Australia? 

Learn more about Sydney City College of Management


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