Is Canada your dream study destination?


CANAM Consultants fulfill your Dream to Study in Canada

Holding a spot of ‘officially the best place to live’, Canada works as a magnet for the international students. This flock of students includes 8% of the ones who desire to pursue undergraduate programs. However, choosing what to select is not an easy task, hence, this is where the Canada study visa consultants play a great role. These consultants take care of everything required to study in Canada, which includes:

  • Selecting the compatible program for your previous studies
  • Desired study destination
  • .
  • Opting out the best universities/ colleges/ institutes
  • Guides through the available scholarship programs
  • The finances required
  • Applying for the student’s study visa
  • Help in developing an easy transition to the foreign culture

CANAM ensures that a student secures his/her admission in one of the top universities in Canada, so as to secure a better future.

Popular Places to Study in Canada:-

Why is Canada a Popular Study Destination?

CANAM Consultants, one of the best Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh, tells the following points that make students curious to study in Canada:

  • The cost of living in Canada is competitively very less. Also, the rate of Canadian price rise is one of the lowest in comparison to the industrial countries. With no doubt the competition being high, the institutes
  • charge lower tuition fees (international students)
  • Maintain an excellent quality of education
  • Canada is termed as a ‘peace-loving’ country, where the crime rate is declining at a steady rate. The universities and colleges take every step possible to ensure the safety of the students. There is the ‘Walk Safe’ program, in which a student can apply while he/ she study in Canada.
  • The international students who shift from their homeland to study in Canada can apply for Canada PR, which may take up to 15-18 months, with eligibility criteria of 67 Points (minimum).
  • The students can work on-campus (part-time) for the first 6 months of their course, following an off-campus thereafter. The permitted time is 20 hours a week. Also, there are certain programs that have paid co-op term, where a student can gain the real-time industry experience. In addition to this, (1) Student with the 1-year course can work for 1 year (2) Student applied for the 2-year course can work for 2-3 years.

For complete information on Study in Canada, Top Universities in Canada, Contact Canam Consultants on 1800 137 8055 (Toll-Free).


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