Canada Student Visa – Problems in getting Student Visa for Canada


To acquire an International education is a dream that almost every young Indian has seen at least once in the student or professional life. Considering various international education destinations, I believe Canada is the most popular one.

Factors for Canada’s popularity as study destination

The major factors that attribute to make Study in Canada, a dream may include:

  • Low cost of education
  • High standards of education
  • Technologically advanced infrastructure and facilities
  • Wide range of colleges and universities
  • Numerous course options
  • Availability of job-ready courses
  • Student-friendly environment
  • Diploma courses of one to two years

Problems in getting Student Visa for Canada

There is no doubt about the fact that Canadian Government is quite open and has a friendly policy towards allowing international students to pursue their education in Canada still a lot of students face rejection to their study visa applications every year.  Reasons are numerous:
Proposed studies are not reasonable in light of academics background, doubts on language skills, financial stability, and purpose of visit and so on.

Let us find out the problems faced by the students in getting ‘Student Visa for Canada’

Academic scores: Canadian Government is very particular about student’s academic background. It wants to invite only serious students who may actually benefit after completing their studies in Canada.  Thus students only with high academic scores are welcomed.

English Language Proficiency: Student is very strictly judged by the Canadian High Commission on the basis of his ability to understand and speak English language. Until the time he cannot understand the language of the country he neither can understand the education he will be offered nor will be able to have a comfortable life otherwise.

Financial stability: Strong financial background is a must to have successful study visa to Canada. Canadian Government believes if the student will not have sufficient funds to survive and pay his fees in Canada he will be always concerned about arranging the funds by getting in employment which will eventually lead him to neglect his studies. So, the student is expected to come all prepared to Canada from the financial perspective.

Right course selection: Sometimes in their desperation to move to Canada students chose the program that doesn’t even match or relate to their previous studies. Canadian High Commission is very particular and expects the student to be genuine enough to take up a relevant program for education.

Employment prospects: The major objective of Canadian Government accepting international students to their country is to prepare them for their future careers. Thus, the High Commission securitizes the student visa applications on the basis of available job prospects for the student in his native country, so that after completing studies in Canada and gaining relevant experience the student may go back to his native country and have a successful career there.

So it is better to consider all the above basic pre-requisites before applying for Student Visa for Canada.

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