Canada or Australia, which one should you choose for study abroad


The opportunity to Study Abroad is lucrative yet challenging. With time, due to the LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization) policy of the Indian government, it has become easier to go abroad for studying, touring or settling. The numbers of countries that prove to be good destinations for students who wish to study abroad have increased over the years and along with that, the choice of selecting the right country has become difficult. The list of major study destinations for international students include countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, the US and New Zealand. Out of all these countries, a majority of the aspirants in India dream to study in Canada or Australia.

Canada and Australia, both are preferred destinations for India students who wish to study abroad but when it comes to choosing between these two countries, the choices can vary depending upon the goals of the individuals. However, there are 5 major grounds which every student considers while selecting a study abroad destination, these are as follows:

Relatively low cost of study: On the affordability scale, studying in Canada is much more affordable as compared to Australia. The living cost and tuition fee are very much reasonable in Canada.

Quality of education: The major reason for going abroad is studying so quality education is a must. Comparing the education system of Canada and Australia, Canada has a higher education system that accommodates professionals, provides long-term career prospects, excellent teaching methods, practical learning opportunities and English/French Bilingualism. These factors are not so explicitly present in the Australian education system.

Safe and secure country: Going miles away from one’s family, friends, natives, city, state, and the country is a big decision and safety is the foremost factor that one considers. Canada is a multicultural country where people from various cultures, nationalities stay together. The country is politically stable. However, such is not the case with Australia as there are instances where racism prevails in Australia. So, the study in Canada is much safer.
Tolerant society: Being a multicultural society, Canadians are tolerant of each other and they encourage learning and living together. The diversity on campus in Canadian institutes leads to a welcoming atmosphere for international students.

Duration of the programs: The study programs in Canada are of shorter duration as compared to Australia. Students can study for one-year specialization in their relevant field whereas in Australia the study programs are for two to four years that hold significance in India.

Opportunities for full-time work following studies: Canada offers full-time work opportunities after the completion the studies and the work permit is up to 3 years after completing a 2-year course, which is not the case in Australia. So, the study in Canada is beneficial in terms of the duration of the work permit.

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