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Located on the Pacific Coast of Canada, Acsenda School of Management is a specialist business and leadership institute in Vancouver with a uniquely international focus.

Ascenda offers students like you options to concentrate on a specialized area of business. With this in mind, students can earn credit toward a professional designation as you earn your degree. Class sizes are small in Acsenda which means more attention and care from instructors.

As an institute focused on business, here’s everything you need to know about their programs:

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Acsenda Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is designed to prepare students for careers in the modern complex global organizations. The program emphasizes on combining theory with practical applications.

The degree program is a 120-credit, four-year degree program.

Program Scope

Students get to study all of the functional areas of business like accounting, marketing, finance, ethics, and human resources management, to name a few.

Students taking up this program are bred to be ready for their career by taking additional upper-level credit hours in one of these four concentrations: human resources management, international business management, marketing, or accounting. General Business Management is also available.

Advanced Diploma of Business Administration

The Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA) program is designed for students who desire an academic-level business education with the flexibility of choosing their future path.

The ADBA program ladders into the BBA degree, which covers the functional areas of business. The length of the program lasts for two years or less, with a total of 60 credits.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

The Acsenda Bachelor of Hospitality Mangement (BHM) degree program integrates the principles present in business management with an application of the skills and knowledge of the global hospitality industry. Students will partake on an international internship that allows them to link classroom learnings to the hospitality business environment.

The program is a 123-credit program that can last up to four years.

Program Scope

As a university that prides in diversity, BHM students from different backgrounds and cultures get the opportunity to study together and leave an impact in the global hospitality industry through leadership.

your knowledge and experiences in one of the most diverse and welcoming cities in North America!

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