These might be the reasons why your US Tourist Visa is prone to rejection!


A huge number of individuals get what’s called as a visitor visa every year — through numerous likewise claim who are denied. This visa is otherwise called a guest visa, in class B-2. The U.S. traveler/guest visa enables you to visits to the U.S. for joy purposes, or for restorative treatment, for a most extreme time of up to a half year.

The real length of the stay will be viewed as when you enter the nation. When you get the section in the US, you can advance for an expansion of your visa for a couple of extra months, yet in the event that you remain past this allowed period, you will start authoritatively exceeding and you may need to confront genuine migration outcomes.

The U.S. government is exceptionally stern about guaranteeing that individuals don’t misuse their visa and don’t remain past the lapse of the visa. Also because of security reasons, U.S government guarantee that individuals who may bring any kind of hazard and inconvenience to the U.S. must not be given the allow paying little respect to the kind of visa they claim for. With regards to these destinations, the most regular explanations behind rejecting visa areas examined underneath.

Visa refusals Based on Intent

Despite the fact that the application system for a US vacationer visa is very basic since traveler visa is a simple method for passage for hopefuls who really need to work in the U.S. (which is prohibited for B-2 visa holders) or remain and live there for longer period. Because of that reason, each candidate must give the records which may demonstrate their “non-immigrant goal” — the State Department requests proof that:

  • The reason for your visit is to savor relaxes or else medicinal treatment.
  • You want to remain in the U.S. for a specific period
  • You have enough assets to hold up under your costs amid your stay in the U.S. (it is explicitly vital in light of the fact that the specialists accept that you come up short on cash, you may misuse your visa by working in the U.S.)
  • You have solid social and financial ties in your nation of origin, for example, a vocation or tutoring and family and so forth.
  • You have a house, property, flat outside the U.S. and additionally different ties that will guarantee your arrival when your allowed stay is finished.
  • You will be foreseen to give archives demonstrating every one of these things. For instance, you ought to convey all the pertinent records to the meeting and the duplicates of your movement schedule (counting inn reservations), plane tickets (counting an arrival ticket), home and flat rents, bank proclamations, etc. In the event that you fail to give persuading proofs, it might bring a visa refusal.
  • Your response to every single inquiry at the visa meeting ought to be given relevantly.

Visa Refusals Based on Fraud

The reports you need to accommodate a U.S. vacationer visa, a few candidates attempt to hide certain actualities. For instance, they deny a past criminal conviction, or they don’t uncover about the relatives they have in the US. This is, in any case, visa misrepresentation, and once revealed, will prompt a visa refusal. On the off chance that you attempt to hide your past visits to the U.S will likewise be considered as misrepresentation.

Visa Refusals Based on Criminal Record

In the event that you have a criminal history or history of digital surveillance or any ties with fear-based oppressor gatherings, there is a higher possibility that your visa will be denied. Few out of every odd offense is the reason for refusal, yet various are, and the rundown can be difficult to clarify.

Visa Refusals Based on Past Immigration Violations

In the event that you have outstayed in the US or some other nation in past without legitimate approval, you may need to confront trouble persuading the visa officer auditing your visa application that you would not misuse this visa too. Truth be told, if your illicit nearness goes past 180 days or more, you will be banished to enter for a long time. That number goes up to ten years if your time of unlawful stay was one year or more.

Visa Refusals Based on Other Grounds of Inadmissibility

The US migration laws hold an extensive rundown of grounds that individuals might be discovered “impermissible” for acquiring the visa. For instance, in case that you have a disease which is transmittable (in all likelihood tuberculosis — HIV is no longer on the rundown), or you have been ousted from the U.S. previously or is a medication fanatic, you can anticipate a visa refusal.

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