How Much gap is Acceptable for Canadian Studies Visa?


Studying in Canada can be a big break for an aspiring student who seeks to earn an academic advantage and an international work exposure. Prior knowledge on the foreign country where the student is planning to study helps in understanding the culture and people and also helps in adjusting to the new environment. International students, planning to study in Canada, will have diverse opportunities to encounter different cultural and natural experiences. But, moving to a new country to study can be challenging as well, especially if there is a study gap for Canada Student Visa to explain.

This pops up another big question that is what study gap is acceptable in Canada Study Visa. To know it better, one needs to know the kinds of gaps that are acceptable while applying. To discuss a few important ones are:

  • Re-appear in exams due to low scores: The student having scored less mark in tenth or twelfth exams and have opted to re-appear to improve their scores that have led to the gap in their studies   can be very well justified.
  • A grave family situation: A family situation cannot be avoided no matter what. For the utmost satisfaction, the student might need to provide thorough care to them. This will need maximum of student’s time, efforts, and care. Be honest and explain it with a hint of optimism.
  • Health Issues: A critical health issue cannot be evaded. It may take more time than expected and thus, extend the planned break to a longer period. Student need not to worry about it. Concerns like these can be gently managed.
  • Facing stress on job: Be it some short term contracts or small-scale jobs, do not keep anything hidden. Mention these intricate details when applying for study visa.
  • Left jobless for a while after studies: Searching for the right job could have left you jobless and that does not mean that it was a space or vacuum in your life. Mention these intricate details with honesty.

Study gap is not a matter of worry, if you have valid reasons and concerns for the same. In some cases, students get approved even with a long gap. So if you are having a gap with a justifiable reason then it can be handled. So, why be nervous and intimidated? Be honest, and give adequate justification with confidence.

However, to get a Canada Student Visa done, student would require the support and guidance of the Student visa experts having all the knowledge and experience to get dream to study in Canada fulfilled through the right pathway. Student Visa experts at Canam Consultants not only assist throughout the visa and immigration procedure, but also provide you key tips to explain your employment and study gap for Canada study visa.

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